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Want to talk to me? If you're an editor, vendor, interviewer, etc. please call me and leave a message if my publisher has given you my number. If you don't have my number, please email me: JanelleMHooper@Comcast.net. I try to check for messages in between chapters. I used to answer my phone whenever it rang but when the caller ID says "Out of Area" too often, it's a political party with a robo-call. Little annoyances like that throw my creative juices way off-track. If you have a question(s) I want to talk to you, I really do! Thanks, Janelle

12-18-15 Dear Friends, Tripod is going through changes that I do not understand. It is going to take me a while to catch up--if I don't go someplace else.
Please go to my Facebook page for more info on Geronimo and my books.


August 21, 2015- Just checking in to let you know what's new! I don't suppose you want to hear about my bumper tomato and zucchini crop, so I'll skip to the important stuff:

Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, had a great year. I confess I've been so busy I haven't kept up with Rudy's schedule. Some of the towns had Rudy back more than once, adding even more confusion. Consult his site on Facebook for the latest news.

Last week, I opened a small Geronimo Store to help fund Rudy's travels. All profits go to help the tour and absolutely none of the money from sales goes into my pocket (just so you know!). I'm hoping to add items as we go along. To begin with, I've posted two tee-shirts and a DVD of the show taped at Winnsboro, Texas.

I have a new brochure designed by Ann Bixby (designer of the black and white Geronimo poster). It's a beaut. Email me for a free copy.

I've spent the summer working on my new romance that is partially set in Tombstone. Love that place; they've done such a good job of preserving the history of the area where Geronimo roamed.

I've also been doing research on another Geronimo project, a fantasy. As you may know, I was born and raised outside of Fort Sill where Geronimo and other Native Americans were on the reservation. My Tickets short story, and novels mention Geronimo and Quanah Parker, chief of the Comanches. As I get older, more and more of the cowgirl is surfacing in me. I guess it truly has been in my genes (jeans?) all along. Lately, I've been craving a saddle for my sundeck. Have mercy! The rains will be here soon so it had better be made of Tupperware!

This summer I've also opened a Pinterest site (Janelle Hooper) that has boards with a lot of my passions. Check it out when you have time!

I'm limping along on Twitter. Mostly it has become a place for me to help promote my books and the books and films of my friends.

The WordPress site (JanelleMerazHooperauthor) has some of my short stories. I intend to add some more as soon as possible. Maybe in the fall.

I'm still loving my Facebook. Join me, let the fun begin! when I'm on a deadline, I cut back on my participation, but that site is my favorite. So many nice people!

The High Chaparral Reunion, 2016, is going to be a huge hit. Join me there! It's in Tucson, you know. they have a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest site. All the details can be found there!

In March, 3 of my books were on the Top Ten Worldreader list. What a thrill. I have readers all over the world! If you're unfamiliar with the program, it provides books (via eBooks) to school children in Africa and India (more to come!). It's strictly non-profit and is near and dear to my heart because the Lawton Library was so important to me when I was growing up. I look on Worldreader as a new version of libraries.

I'd better stop. Remember those tomatoes? They're starting to pile up in my kitchen...


5-11-15- Hi! I've been very busy and haven't been on my site much. I hope to get back to it soon. What's new? So much! First, I have another short story almost ready for Kindle. The cover will most likely look like the one above. More news: A Three-Turtle Summer will be featured in the 2015 AARP Life After 50-Plus in Miami, May 14-16! Described as a story of deeply contrasted prose and peril, it's a good read. Check it out! My three romance novels were all on the Worldreader top ten list in March, 2015. Also, My There's a Mouse in the House! book has been picked up by Reads, a project of Concordia University's accelerated reading project. Lastly, my one-man traveling show, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, starring Rudy Ramos, just left Los Angeles, Tucson, Albuquerque, Muskogee, Winnsboro, and Lawton. Next stop is The Memphis Film Festival, June 11-13, 2015. Don't miss it when it comes near you!
It's almost time to hit the beach! Although one reviewer has said that my books are too sophisticated to be categorized as beach books, take one anyway. A little sand won't hurt them. They're a good read! How about one of my romances?  

11-11-14-November is National American Indian Heritage Month. I've been posting personal photographs from my travels and docent days on my Facebook page (Janelle Meraz Hooper) to honor the yearly event. And, of course, some of the photos are from my growing up in Oklahoma. Stop by and give it a look. Say hello! I try to post one photo daily, so scan down to see them.

10-30-14- My booking trailer for Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, is back on YouTube now. See it here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1QQkLQNW7M/ I think this is my favorite trailer. The new logo, Late Bloomer Video, is also a favorite of mine. Give an old lady a computer, stand back, and watch happens!
Gotta run! Got some writers stopping by later!
Join me on Facebook: Janelle Meraz Hooper, Twitter: @JanelleMHooper, LinkedIn: Janelle Meraz Hooper, my other blog: JanelleMerazHooperauthor.com/ (this blog has more short literary pieces that are too long for other places.
10-27-14-My self-help/non-medical article on arthritis, Surviving Arthritis, How to live on a Rocky Beach, is now listed on Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited.  Everyone knows someone with arthritis, even if they don't suffer with it themselves. Although my arthritis is more severe than most, it has a lot of tips for the person who has a mild case (Is there such a thing?). Give it a look. It's free with your Amazon Prime & Amazon Unlimited!
I started keeping a journal when I first got my diagnosis. When I heard the news, I made a joke ("I got it from my grandmother--she didn't have any silver to leave me!") "There's nothing funny about arthritis," my doctor admonished. On the way home, I thought, I'll bet there is! I stopped and bought a stack of yellow index cards and started a journal. This was in 1973. I've hit some rough lumps, but I'm still here! Medical advancements have done a lot to keep me together.
The book has several sections: My Journal, Medical Quotes, Gift Suggestions for your loved ones who may be suffering, survival tips, and more!
10-21-14- I've listed my newest romance, Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie as a NA genre book. Some of you may not be familiar of the fairly new genre. It's the genre that now comes after Young Adult (YA). That said, it is suitable for older adults too. I chose that genre because it is a very light romance. If it were a movie, I could compare it to You've Got Mail. Try it, you'll like it!

10-12-14- Dear readers, my YouTube account is messed up. I have contacted someone to help me straighten it out. It is possible that some links to my YouTube projects will not work. I'm working on it!

eBook. Soon in paperback!

10-11-14- I've done it again! This time, I've messed up my YouTube account and can't get onto it to insert my new book trailer for Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie. I can't even delete the old one! I have sent for help but it could be days before I straighten this mess out!

After one of Rudy's plays, charity, in LA, CA

10-03-14-I am so far behind on my blogging I don't know where to start! Photos are backed up on my computer and fill my digital camera--no time to crop and post! I worked on it three hours last night before I gave up. Maybe I can begin to see daylight this weekend. Bookings for our show, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, are coming in daily. Please see Rudy's page on Facebook, Friends and Fans of Rudy Ramos for the latest news.

Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie has a new cover to celebrate its going to paperback. It's a light, humorous romance based in Seattle with a Jamaican twist. It's a good read and totally vampire-free, I promise!
The paperback will be out in the next few days...
The YouTube trailer for the new cover is still in the works. I've had a lot of fun with it. How I love my YouTube! I am constantly dazzled by the process of trailer making! LOVE the color. It mesmerizes me!
Homepage (tentative title)- is not going to make it in time for Christmas. So sorry. I have had too much on my plate and have to finish some of my other projects first.
This includes some travel to see Geronimo around the country. I am not the world's best traveler. I blame that on the shortage of chocolate on most flights...
Due to recent illness, I have had time to contemplate my many blessings while in the hospital. I am so blessed to have the competent and compassionate medical team from Group Health, St. Joseph's, and my local dentist, Dr. Kunal Walia. They've had my back the whole way during my latest medical "adventure." Those who know me know I never stop working and seem to be my most productive when under medical stress from arthritis and lupus. I have so many stories in my head!
Surviving Arthritis, How to Live on a Rocky Beach-I've updated the cover of this Kindle Short by taking off the self-sketch of me sitting on a rocky beach. My journal of my learning experience with auto-immune issues is humorous and totally NON-MEDICAL. It should answer any questions some of you may have about my lupus and arthritis.
Other projects in progress- include a Kindle short just for men, an educational YouTube film (About 5 minutes long) on Native American History, and notes on at least nine novels  (I shall write no novel before its time).
Of course, Rudy and his Geronimo project take first priority whenever he needs my assistance. I consider this show to be my valentine to the Apache people. As a born and raised Okie, Native American history is in my blood.
I'd better quit--even the Internet has its space limits!
Thank you all for your interest in my creative projects (books and stage).   
Write to me! JanelleMHooper@Comcast.net


7-12-14 It's been a good week: Geronimo, Life on the Reservation has been booked at the 2015 Nashville Music Festival.
Also, all of my books will be going onto the new WorldReader mobile reader platform. I often read books on my phone and find it a lot more convenient than carrying around a larger device. Maybe the kids will climb up in a comfy tree to read--or even read on an elephant!
Things are a little backward on my Geronimo project. The play was accepted before the book was finished so the book isn't out yet. The book is a little different from the adapted play, it has more fantasy in it. So far, I'm calling it How Me!, but I have a tendency to change titles multiple times before a book is produced. Oh, dear!

6-19-14 I'm having some issues with my software. I've lost the color in some of my text. No time to work on it right now because I have a novel deadline. Everybody, please just pretend the font colors match!


6-18-04-WorldReader (books for all!) is expanding into India! The creative minds of Microsoft and Amazon (and others) have figured out how to increase world literacy, conquering the stumbling blocks that are present in such a massive undertaking. Their dedication and talents will make this world a better place for children in many parts of the world. I'm honored to be included in this program.


6-18-14- Just like the Who's in Whoville, I'm still here! The closer we became to launching Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, the more behind I became. This year has seen a trip to Tucson for the premiere of the one-man show starring Rudy Ramos, and another trip to Lawton, Oklahoma to attend the performance. Lawton is the town near the Fort Sill Indian Reservation where Geronimo was a POW.
The focus of this show is Geronimo's story after he was sent to the reservation. He was an amazing man who quickly learned how to navigate in a white man's world.
Don't miss it if it comes to your town. Rudy has received standing ovations for his performances and promises an entertaining evening of this historic Apache leader.
Booking information is on my homepage.


2-17-14 Recently, I added a short story on my WordPress blog: www.JanelleMerazHooperAuthor.com  Tickets has a western theme, and is loosely based upon a story my grandmother told me about how her mother brought her and her siblings to America. "Write what should not be forgotten." Isabel Allende
I hope all Amazon Prime members are taking advantage of the books and articles I have available for a free read: A Three-Turtle Summer, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, and Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories. The Kindle shorts are: Old Joe and His Pink Cadillac and Surviving Arthritis: How to Live on a Rocky Beach. Free is good, right? You can read more about all of them on my homepage.
Geronimo, Life on the Reservation is coming up fast. The one-man show I wrote for Rudy Ramos premieres on March 22, 2014 in Tucson at the Casino del Sol. It will be part of the events at the annual High Chaparral Reunion. Rudy, you'll remember, played Wind in the Western series. The show goes on the road, mostly in the Southwest, after the premiere. Go see it!
I'm working on a couple of novellas at the moment. I'll let you know more when they are further along. It's been a good winter to stay home and write, so I've gotten a lot done.
Stay warm! All we can do now is wait out this rotten weather. Hang in there!

Available on Kindle and others

11-1-13 I won another contest last week! There's a Mouse in the House! won in the City Animals category in the Animals, Animal, Animals Book Festival. The title poem was co-authored by Jacob N. Studebaker and illustrated by Sherri Bails. There are several YouTube videos on the stories if you're interested. Just click on my YouTube video page. Order today (Kindle, $2.99). No child should grow up without hearing about a cat named Okra! (:
Earlier in the year, I got honorable mention in The Great Northwest Book Festival for The Slum Resort.
In case you've not been hanging on my every breath, My one-man show, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, performed by Rudy Ramos at the Memphis Film Festival, got a standing ovation after a reading. Am I having a good year or what?!


10-3-13 Some of you are wondering what Kickstarter is. I’m sorry if I’ve confused you. Basically, it’s a way for art projects to get funding from the private sector. This is necessary since most of the funding from government sources is gone because of the bad economy. Personally, I like it because it takes the politics out of art and puts control back in the creator’s hands.
The one-man show I wrote, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, is having a Kickstarter. Anyone can pledge–any amount is welcome. If the show doesn’t make its funding goal by October 7, 2013, the pledged money will not be taken.  This is the link to learn more: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/686171151/geronimo-life-on-the-reservation/ Kick in a dollar–be an investor in a one-man touring show! What fun!

9-13-13-Today, near the top of my homepage, I posted the info for the Kickstarter for Geronimo, Life on the Reservation. In the face of government funding cuts for the arts, Kickstarter programs will ensure that the arts will continue to thrive. Any amount you can pledge is welcome. How about it? Are you in? Many thanks, Janelle


Rudy's website is up for his Geronimo show, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation. Click on the photo to see it--don't forget to come back!

8-6-13- The arthritis article I wrote (cover below) is now out on Amazon. It's a humorous (sometimes), non-medical approach to dealing with autoimmune issues. I started doing the research for this article about 1950 when I had my first lupus attack. I wasn't diagnosed until 1984. Until then, my family just called me sickly! Ha! In 1984, a doctor told me I had about 12 years to live. If you haven't noticed, I'm still here!
Click on the article cover to see the trailer--don't forget to come back! (This is turning into my mantra).
My way of dealing with difficult issues is to use humor, but don't let me kid you. This arthritis/lupus stuff is a real b--ch. I rarely swear, but the impact this disease has had on my life has been a heartbreaker at times. I am so grateful that I have had my writing to make up for all of the other stuff I've missed (don't ask!). That said, during four of my books I've been in the hospital because my body couldn't take the stress of working all day--even if I was sitting down!
If you have arthritis or one of the other chronic ailments, you might give the article a look. It's on Kindle for $2.99 USD. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow it for free!
Other news: My YouTube video of the title poem for There's a Mouse in the House! has been picked as one of the best iPad apps for kids! The same video was also featured last week on YouTube. The link is on my YouTube page. Search Janelle Meraz Hooper (How clever I am to keep using the same name over and over!).
My WordPress blog: http://www.janellemerazhooperauthor.com is getting recognized by Google, AOL, YouTube,Tumblr, Wikia, Digg, and many wonderful readers.
My Google blog: http://www.janellemerazhooper.blogspot.com is starting to take off.
I am beginning research on a new article for Kindle. What fun! I'll need an expert to advise me on this one!
I hope your summer is good and your tomatoes are red. Mine are mostly that shade of red most people call green. Maybe I'll fry them--and write a book!
Must run. I'm trying to video some crows and they're so skittish! Janelle


6-27-13- Please visit my Author Page when you're on Amazon. There's a place near the bottom of each book's page to click right above my photo and biography. Yesterday, I added an Author Page for readers in the UK. They say it takes about 24 hours for the book trailers I loaded to be online. That should be about three o'clock today...or never if I didn't do it right!



6-15-13- I didn't get much done yesterday because I was hanging around the High Chaparral Reunion website on Facebook keeping up with the news from the Memphis Film Festival. If you're on Facebook, check out their site. They are having so much fun over there; I wish I could be with them. Drat! Well, none of us get it all in life!
I did manage to re-do the cover for an article I'm writing for Kindle titled, How to Live on a Rocky Beach, Surviving Arthritis. I'm making a YouTube video to go with it and will publish both of them at the same time. I'll post the cover next week. I'm going to tweak the font a little first.
It's sunny here! Coffee on the deck! Janelle (:

Rudy Ramos

5-7-13- The above photo of Rudy is fairly recent. It was announced this week that Rudy will be performing Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, at the Memphis Film Festival in June, 2013. The festival runs from about the 12-15...I don't know yet what day he'll be on. I'm very excited!


To view my book trailers, click on the  photo and go to my YouTube page! 
4-21-13- The above photo is part of a piece I did for my YouTube marketing. It was a lot of fun to put together. For now, I'm done with my own book trailers and am beginning to help my author friends with their book trailers. What fun!
My first project is helping Val Dumond with a trailer for her senior romance, When Roosters Fly. I'm at the very beginning of the process but have picked out a background and am standing by to plug in her text and illustrations. I'll keep you posted. Her book is a fun read--if you haven't read it yet, pick one up. It is available in paperback and on Kindle.
In other news, I'm still working on my short story about a woman who goes overboard on her social networking. Like a lot of my stories in their beginning stages, it is title-less so far. I used to have an editor when I wrote newspaper pieces who was so good at clever titles. What a gift that is. When the story is finished I'll publish it as a short. I get requests for shorts, I think, because people are so busy and maybe they're reading on their commute...(On the train or bus! I'm not suggesting they're reading and driving! Although some of you may have seen drivers who have made you wonder!)
In my yard- I'm waiting, impatiently, for my four o'clocks to come up. It's really too cold here on the west cost of Washington State for them to do their stuff, so I have a pot of them on my deck this year. In Oklahoma, my home state, it gets hot and the flowers have a fragrance similar to honeysuckle. Here in the Northwest, I have smelled mine only once in over ten years. Maybe they'll be happier on a hot deck.
We're supposed to get some sun this week. We're all so excited we're sleeping with our sun hats on.
I hope you have a good book to read while you're out in your sun! 

Rudy Ramos

3-26-13- Last Friday, Rudy did his first reading of Geronimo and got rave reviews! It was during the reunion of the High Chaparral television show. I may be able to get a video of the reading in a few weeks. Then, all I'll have to do is figure out how to convert it so it'll play on this site! Notice how confident I sound. We all know I'm a tech-dummie!
It's soccer season (from 1-1-13 to 1-1-14) so not much else is going on! How I love this game! It could be God's way of keeping us busy so we don't think about how tootin' cold it is here! It's working! I'm only wearing two sweaters underneath my coat!


3-14-13- I added a photo link this morning to my list of YouTube videos. You can see it at the bottom of my homepage (and at the top of this post). There's also a link at the top of the page where all of the other pages are listed. There are fourteen of them. All handmade by the author--most of them with my voice. Are you seeing a pattern here? I'm kind of like the Wizard of Oz--ain't no one here behind the curtain but me! The videos are a way of reaching out to my readers since most of the book events are out-of-state. Give them a look if you have time.
I'm still doing the other blog on WordPress (www.JanelleMerazHooperAuthor.com if you want the latest news on our country being overrun by snakes, ha. It seems that my readers on that blog are perfectly willing to read everything I write about our boa constrictor problem. And it is a problem. Carnac says: a big snake may be visiting a backyard very close to you if we don't get these creatures under control.
Spring must almost be here--I know because the rain is a mite warmer. They call it a Pineapple Express, but that raises hopes beyond reality. The temperature two days ago was 45--yesterday, it went all the way up to 51 degrees. I don't know about you, but I think that's a long way from bikini weather!  
It's almost Friday! Last weekend, we went to see the Rembrandt exhibit at Seattle Art museum. Be still my heart. If it comes to where you are, don't miss it!
This weekend I'm planning coffee and popcorn on the deck...it's okay. We have a heater!


3-8-13- Yesterday, I was notified that my new novella, The Slum Resort, was awarded honorable mention in the Great Northwest Book Festival! Many thanks to the Great Northwest Book Festival people!
I have some new book trailers on YouTube. There is a page of links on this site. Please check them out...I need the hits, ha!
I'm finishing up my latest re-do of the book trailer, Old Joe's Pink Cadillac. I've been asked by my readers to add voice. They'll be sorry! I'ma not so good! But check them out anyway. Have mercy.


2-12-13- The above illustration is from my new YouTube video for Boogie, Boots,& Cherry Pie. Give it a look if you get a chance. The illustrations are by local NW watercolorist Sherri Bails. I love her work. She also did the artwork for my There's a Mouse in the House! (eBook & video).
What a surprise! The Slum Resort, my new novella, is selling in the UK! What fun!
I've been going out to dinners and the opera--it's probably time for me to get back to work. I'm looking at my files and trying to pick the next victim--er, project.
I got an email that said my blog on WordPress (www.JanelleMerazHooperAuthor.com ), is being made available to students in several classrooms. I hope they write to me. I'd love to hear from them!
Better go and put on a pot of coffee. I'm having a writer's meeting soon. Hope you are all well and happy! Janelle

A book trailer...
Coming to a YouTube near you!

1-28-13-Hi, everyone! I've been busy making YouTube videos. What fun! I've listed them on their own page on this site--click on it and give them a look! I'm working with the artist Sherri Bails on another one for my Seattle-based romance, Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie. It should be up before the end of the week.
I've had a question about the prices of my books. People wonder why the prices are so reasonable. Maybe they think they won't get the whole book! Some of that can be explained by the market. There are a lot of books out there! But, mostly, I own my own books and can price the electronic versions well below the electronic books put out by the traditional publishers. I don't have to give anyone else a cut (Of course, the electronic providers get a share)! Even so, it may be necessary for me to raise my prices next year. Even an independent author has expenses!
Thank you for supporting my story-telling efforts. I feel very blessed to have your friendship and trust.


1-15-13- It's way too late for Christmas cards, I know, but I've been having techinical problems and I tried to fix them myself, so I've had a mess over here! This card was meant to go out to my fellow writers. It went nowhere. Augh!
YouTube videos- I've add a page that lists my YouTube Videos all in one place. Check it out if you have time.
I've added a review of my new novella, The Slum Resort,  to my comments and reviews page--or is it the reviews and comments page? I have a few comments to add also but I've had this computer problem (see above).
I'm so happy that my sales are beginning to expand into the UK. I'm curious to see how my Southwest-themed books will be received there. It's possible they're reading them only because they are void of vampires and aliens!
The Wedding Dress- I posted a little story about my mom on my WordPress blog yesterday. There are some other shorts on there too--mostly childhood memories. The address there is: www.JanelleMerazHooperAuthor.com
I wish you all a happy and safe New Year. If you have a little extra, please share it with your neighbors. Last year, I sent two goats to Africa and supported local educational activities. Through my husband's (and his partner's) company, we supported local foodbanks.


 11-14-12- My Bears in the Hibiscus is now available on Kobo! I'm having trouble keeping up with the new sites so check with your ebook provider if you have a question. My books may be available on your reader and I don't know about it yet!
The above poster is for our NorthwestAuthors.org book event in December--they'd asked for a snowy scene but all we've had here is rain!
11-12-12- My new novella is now available on Kindle and i-Pad. Soon it will be on Nook and Kobo (Japan). I'm interested to see the response from my readers because this is a literary novella--not a romance! I don't do formula writing; all of my novels are indiviually crafted to fit the needs of the story. That's why I say if you don't like one you might try another.
Old Joe's Cadillac, a short story, is also out now. I think I forgot to blog about it. It's another one that is in a literary format unless you consider the romance between Old Joe and his old Cadillac! I really like this one as it gave me a chance to incorporate a little of the history of Fort Sill, Oklahoma during World War II. Give it a try--I think you'll like it!
I'm busy now getting ready for a book event sponsored by NorthwestAuthors.org on December 8th at the Freighthouse Square in Tacoma. There's lots to do: print out my new brocures, business cards and signs, make posters for advertising, and anything else they need me to help with. What a great group of people they are--come on down! 10-4 PM on Saturday the 8th of December. If you do, be sure to come by my table and say hello!


10-11-12- My new novella, The Slum Resort is at the formatters. I'm pretty excited about it and am anxious to see how my readers like it! It should be available before Christmas.
A Kindle short, Old Joe's Pink Cadillac should be out about the same time. The cover is above.
As we slip into fall I'm taking a few days off to rest up and kick back. Email me! (:. It's been a busy summer and I have a big book show coming up on December 8th in Tacoma. I hope to see some of you there. More later.
There's a Halloween story on my Facebook profile page and also on my WordPress blog: JanelleMerazHooperAuthor.com. The title is Wonda and Iggy. It's short and humorous. Check it out! Happy Halloween!


9-21-12- The final cover is above. I'm giving the manuscript one more tweak before I turn it in. How long is a tweak? Depends on the chocolate level in my blood. Maybe another week...

A few lines...After Henry had deleted his ex-wife’s email, it occurred to him she hadn’t even asked him where he was. It was clear she had no interest in him, his whereabouts, or his activities. Not even a polite, meaningless inquiry about his health. He never asked her about her health. The answer was always too boring. She was well. Spectacular. Well into her sixties, she was still statuesque and able to beat most comers in tennis games at the country club. Good for her. He was happy she had what she wanted with whomever she had it with. He’d heard through the grapevine that the guy she was seeing in California was a real hunk, tanned, personable, strong, and athletic. The complete opposite from him. Angela had always liked good weather and good men; she was in the perfect spot to find both...coming soon on Kindle, $1.99 USD

9-01-12- The cover for The Slum Resort is in the final stages of design. I'll be posting it soon. I'm giving the book itself one more look before I publish it.
In other news, A Mouse in the House! is up and running. I love the cover--and so does everyone else! Sherri Bails is a wonderful artist!  
I'm finishing a gift basket with one of my books today for a Multicare fundraiser to help children who have suffered traumatic events.
Oh! And I bought a goat for a disabled child in Africa. Did I tell you? I kidded them about naming it Turtle! The program to help people in need is being run by a friend of mine, Kennedy Ng'ang'a, an artist in Mombosa. It wrenches my heart to see so many people in such need. Of course, we have people in need here, too. I try to help out at our local food bank. All of my charitable interests don't leave much for my favorite political candidates. I would have been such a good rich person--I could have really spread the money around, ha!
Hope you saw the Blue Moon last night, The next one is 2015. Dick and I watched it in our pasture with our neighbors. What a beautiful night it was.
Happy September, everyone! Before we know it we'll be into the holidays. I think I still have cranberrys in my freezer from last year. I always stock up because I think they're the best. 


8-30-12- My little collection of children's stories, There's a Mouse in the House!  ($0.99 USD) is now out on Kindle and Nook--soon on iPad. More info is on the homepage.

8-22-12-Have you been wondering about the Amazon grocery cart on my homepage? Here's the deal, if you click on it before you order a book and do your ordering through the Amazon link at the site, Amazon will donate 6% of your book purchase to The Pantry Food Bank. It doesn't cost you any more money. It's a donation by Amazon. The only down side is you'll have to manually type in my book--it isn't a direct link to my books.
8-8-12- I've lowered the price on two of my  books (Kindle only), As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries and Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie to $1.99 USD for another month. Why am I doing this? Because they are both very good--but different--books and I'd like for them to have more exposure. As Brown As I Want was a finalist in the 2004 Oklahoma Book Awards and also 1st Place Fiction winner at the Surrey Book Conference in 1999. "Boogie" is new and I'm very fond of the characters. I'd like for you all to meet them!
I've added a message box to the top of my blog. I have accidentally deleted two over the years--I guess they don't like to be moved! This one I'll try to leave in place. Let me hear from you! My email is on the homepage if you'd rather not go through my website.

The Parkside Cafe and Turtle Lounge, Easton, WA

8-7-12-Over the weekend, we went to Lake Chelan to see if I could wear out one of their swimming pools. I did a pretty good job but there was still plenty of water for the next guy in it when I left. On the way we stopped in Easton for breakfast at a place called The Parkside Cafe. Inside, a bigger sign said, The Parkside Cafe and Turtle Lounge. About halfway through my breakfast (and two cups of coffee) my eyes focused and I noticed their fireplace. One of the women there told me it took over 1100 hours to build! As I have a turtle theme running through almost all of my novels, I am always on the lookout for turtles! (The food was good too--you should go!)


7-26-12- Yep. A name change is in order. My old computer was named Warrior and the screensaver was an Indian pinto with war paint on his face. It is a wonderful painting--borrowed from a famous Indian artist--but it doesn't fit the new computer. My new Toshiba reminds me more of the old Hollywood movies with the glamorous movie stars in lucious silks, satins, and lots of diamonds. So. My new laptop's name is Dazzle! I haven't found the perfect photo yet to use for the screensaver; I'm hoping to find a photo of Marilyn in that pink satin dress she wore in Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.
I hope your summer is a feast for the eyes and heart. We've got to store up all the joy we can before the days get darker again! I'm not sure how many more Northwest winters I have in me. I've always been a birdwatcher. Lately, I've been watching the Snowbirds who follow the I-5 migration tour to the southern states in the fall. The sight of the RVs, bumper to bumper on the highway slowly moving south are starting to tug at my heart...

7-21-12- There's a Mouse in the House! is going to be hand-carried to Uganda courtesy of Bobbi Bails, the illustrator's daughter. Bobbi works with a Christian organization with ties to Africa. How exciting! It looks like it'll be there before it gets on Kindle!


7-19-12-Today, I turned in the stories, poems and illustrations for my little book for toddlers, "There's a Mouse in the House!" Written to be read to a small child, it is the collection of the stories I wrote for the children in my own family. As I'm not a children's writer, the collection is very personal to me. Some may find it's style different from other books for toddlers--I've never been one to talk baby-talk to a child. 
I'm hoping that the finished product will be suitable to offer to WorldReader, the organization that gives Kindles loaded with text books and other books to children in parts of Africa.
In other news, I now have a new laptop. Anytime I get a new piece of technical equipment there's always a heavy learning curve for me. I'll be so glad when it gets me broken in!
So what's next? My novella, The Welfare Resort. Unfortunately, it's headed for a title change. I do that a lot. Sometimes, by the time I finish a novel the title doesn't fit anymore. Oh, dear! (I'm famous, in my family, for saying, "Oh, dear!" when I mean something much worse!)
I'm also doing some extra work for the Geronimo project. See why I needed a new, speedier laptop? (; It may also be in for a name change. I'll keep you posted.


7-12-12-My son-in-law sent me this photo of turtles in Arizona. I've misplaced my notes so I don't know what kind of turtles they are--I imagine they're from a species that hangs around golf courses!


Although I based my Boogie "character" on a real-life event, I have been surprised at the number of recent snake problems in this country. Too many people have released pet snakes into the wild for many reasons. Sometimes, they couldn't keep them where they lived. Or they grew too big. Or they became dangerous. Or maybe they got bored with them. Releasing them was easier than killing them.


I have heard people talk as though it's Florida's problem. Large snakes have thrived there--and multiplied. But I'm not so sure we're immune from the problem. It's been said that some of the rattlesnakes that travel to the west side of our mountains in bales of hay are thriving--and inbreeding with our harmless snakes. I've heard of other creatures that are adapting to climates that were previously thought unsuitable. For instance, sharks are moving further north each year in search of food. 


Why are we so sure that these tropical snakes, released into a colder climate, will perish? Why are we not at least checking our ponds to look for signs of these creatures on our west coast? A few years back, our state did a survey of a local pond in Washington State and found many species of turtles that had been released by their previous owners. Some of the turtles had inbred, creating whole new species. Although the state was looking for turtles, they also found varities of alligators! What if people are also releasing their unwanted pet snakes into our many ponds? What if they're adapting to our colder climate? A lot of these snakes can become quite large. And dangerous.


I would like to see it become illegal to sell or have snakes in this country. Let's not wait until we have a problem like Florida's.



7-7-12-Boogie is a book snake!

There are two kinds of snakes. Snakes in books and snakes in real life.

For instance, the python in the news this week that attacked a one-year-old boy while he slept in Illinois was a real snake. Nothing funny about that.

The Internet is full of real-life snakes showing up in people’s homes. Need I say they were not invited? Just to be clear let me say not all of these snakes are invading homes in jungle climates. A lot of these visitors are escaped pets showing up in apartments right here in The United States.

In Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie, I based my snake, Boogie, on a snake I read about in the newspaper many years ago. This huge snake was actually traveling from apartment to apartment via the toilets! A real-life snake! But when I based my snake, Boogie, on him, he became a book snake.

What’s the difference? I guess a book snake—especially one who is dropped into the middle of a romance—isn’t as scary as a real-life snake. Writing a romance against a backdrop of exotic pets like snakes, iguanas, parrots, and turtles may not have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done market-wise. But I’m happy with the result and I think you will be too if you read it. Will I ever write another romance with a big snake? No! There will be no Boogie 2! But it was fun while it lasted! This Kindle & Nook book is on sale now until the end of July for $1.99 USD.

If you decide that snakes—real or book—are not for you, there are plenty of other choices on my homepage…


6-30-12-My June-July sale on two of my books is half over. If you haven't read my newest romance, Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie, now's the time to snag it on Kindle/Nook and others for $1.99. The price goes back up at the end ofJuly.
The other book on my Kindle/Nook sale is As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries. It was a finalist in the 2004 Oklahoma Book Awards. If you haven't read it yet it's still new!
Read more about both of these books on my homepage. If you have questions, contact me: JanelleMHooper@comcast.net
In other news: My blogspot blog, Squeaky Wheels, is no more. My theme was outdated (I'm rarely in a wheelchair anymore) and their technology is now beyond my computer's capabilities. It was sad to let it go as I've been with them since 2005. However, when it comes to computers, I belong to the don't-rock-the-boat religion. They said that in order to continue using my blog, I had to leave my Microsoft browser and switch to their Google Chrome. I've been there before. Changes like that always take up more of my time than I have. Besides, why would I switch? I have stock in Microsoft! (;
My new blog on WordPress: http://JanelleMerazHooperAuthor.com (Chick books with cluck!) will be a lot of fun. I like the format and it is easier to understand. Visit me and leave me a comment. You'll be the first, it's brand new!
Of course, I'll still keep the blog I have here on my website. It's my direct track to you, my readers.


6-18-12-Some of you may be wondering why I have three unfinished projects. Why not finish one and then move on to the next? Usually, that's the way I work. However, at the moment, I'm working with other creative people on two projects and they have other commitments. Even so, the three of them are almost finished. The third project is mine alone so it should be published by now--but we won't go there. Sometimes, I have a hard time letting go of one of my "kids".
6-17-12- Sale! For the rest of the month of June and all of July Kindle copies of As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries and my new romance, Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie are on sale for $1.99. Pick one up and head for the beach!
6-10-12 The above illustration of Geronimo for my Friending Geronimo show was in my email this morning. Doesn't Sherri Bails do wonderful work? I am so excited!
Charity closes today after an extended run. I'm so glad I got to see it. I've posted show photos on my Facebook page. Friend me to see them!

After Charity in Los Angeles
Jose Luis Valenzuela, Rudy Ramos, Steve Railsback, Janelle Meraz Hooper

Contact me! I love to hear from my readers!

6-07-12- The above photo is from after the play, Charity, at the Los Angeles Theatre Center on June 2nd. Dick and I made a fast trip down just for the weekend to see the play because my Geronimo, Rudy Ramos, is in it. It closes on the 10th, so if you're in the Los Angeles area, don't miss it!
I've had a hard time catchng up after being away from my computer for two days. I can't seem to stop taking naps. It must be something to do with adrenaline.
After the play, Rudy went with us to dinner and we had a good meeting about our Geronimo project afterwards. I was so excited to see how much work he's done on creating the character of the famous Indian. He's going to be great!
As a writer of novels I don't get a chance to work with other creative people and I think the creative energy I felt from Rudy was absolutely addictive!
I had a great time and enjoyed having the company of my husband for two days. What a charming man he is. No wonder I married him almost 50 years ago! He's busy so I don't get that much face time very often.
The flight home was an extra treat as I was seated next to a man who reads something besides Cussler. I came home with a new book list. What a perfect weekend!
That reminds me: we stayed at the Hilton Checkers downtown LA. What an elegant hotel! I hated to leave!

5-27-12-Happy Memorial Day, everyone. If you're a veteran or are still serving, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And a special thank you to the spouses of soldiers. I was a military wife during the Vietnam War so I've been where you are now. God bless you. In A Three-Turtle Summer, the first novel in my Turtle Trilogy, Grace struggles with her husband being stationed in Japan after the war. I based the story on my mother's experiences so the emotions and events are true. I was 5-7 years old when my father was gone but I remember so much of what went on at home. What the mind chooses to remember is a funny thing. Especially since I can rarely tell you  what I had for dinner two days ago. Anyway, Happy Memorial Day. Hug a soldier! (:
5-17-12- There's been a delay in the production of my children's short story collection, There's a Mouse in the House! I think it's in the publishing queue for sometime in July now. That'll work. My illustrator is very busy and can use the extra time! I see this as more evidence our economy is picking up. That's definitely a good thing!
I'm using the down time to work on my upcoming novel The Welfare Resort. It's really done, but one more rewrite never hurt one of my books yet. I put an excerpt on my homepage, near the bottom.
I hope you're having a good spring! It took its time getting here, didn't it?
4-18-12-There's been lots of news about my Friending Geronimo show. The people who have seen the script really like it. It is being rehearsed now by the star, Rudy Ramos. At the same time, he's on stage rehearsing his role in Charity for the Los Angelos Theater Center that opens May 11th.
I started out on the stage as an actress and dancer for community theater so I find this return to "the boards" very exciting. Of course, I won't really be on stage, but I'll be close! It's exciting to discuss costumes and lighting and all the other details that go into a performance.
One of my books, Custer and His Naked Ladies, will be available on iPad soon. I have nothing to do with it so I can't take credit. Creative projects take on a life of their own. Some of my short stories are being used in oral interpretive classes and contests in Texas. I hear from the teachers and then we lose touch. Everyone is so busy. I'll try to be better going forward. I'd really like to know how the students are doing.
So the news is all good--except for my continuing struggle with technology. I got my iPhone in September and am just now feeling comfortable with it. My new notebook that I bought for travel challenges me daily. It only lets me have a few of my emails a day. And it chooses which ones to let me have. Augh! As much trouble as the new devices are, I wouldn't give them up. Mobility is so important nowadays. If only they were as easy to use as my Kindle. I've had days when I have thought my iPhone was only good for playing Scrabble with my friends, ha!
for more news about my writing life, check out my blog, http://JanelleMerazHooper.blogspot.com  On this blog I'm starting to post videos and short stories by and about my creative friends. One, Kennedy Ng'ang'a, an African watercolorist has a video of his wonderful watercolors of the animals and scenery of his beloved country. Show it to the kids! I had to purchase a watercolor of a turtle that he did. Love it.
Thanks to all of my blog readers here and on Blogspot. I love knowing that I have readers all over the world. In my stats, I can look and see a map that colors in the countries where I'm being read and it's very exciting! Even far-off countries like Columbia, Latvia, South Africa, and more have stopped by my blogspot blog. Hello, world!
Amazon's promotion of my book, A Three-Turtle Summer, is over. Thank you Amazon! With it's help, I was able to give away over 1200 books in the US, UK, and DE.
I hope all of you who got a free book enjoy it. I have to tell you that being able to reach out to readers all over the world is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. I was checking the stats everyday to see where my books were going (Amazon only tells me the country, so there are no worries about privacy issues).
 A Three-Turtle Summer is the first book in my Turtle Trilogy. If you like the first, you might try the next two: As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries and Custer and His Naked Ladies.You can read all about them on this site.
 As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, is also part of the WorldReader program in Africa. How I love to think about a child in Africa reading about powwows and Indians in Oklahoma! What fun!
  As I am not as mobile as some, it's my way of traveling to places I will never actually be able to go. I tell my family that I can't go, but my books can!

Thank you, readers...and thank you, Amazon. I had a great time!
13-20-12-Everything is happening so fast I'm having trouble keeping up! Right now, Amazon is running a promotion on  A Three-Turtle Summer, the first novel in my Turtle Trilogy. Prime members can read it for free.
I hope you noticed the link to my latest interview under my photo on my homepage. I've been told it's a good read.
Friending Geronimo is in Los Angeles getting acquainted with the actor who commissioned it, Rudy Ramos.
Illustrations are coming in for Mr. Hop, my children's Kindle book.
And more that I can't talk about yet. I'll keep you posted!
Most of you are having a much better spring than we are in the Northwest. My poor cannas--that grow better than weeds in Oklahoma--aren't even up yet. I'm afraid they may have drowned. Or maybe they froze in the snow a few days ago. Or, even, they could have been beaten to death by the record hail we've had. I planted those flowers in remembrance of my Aunt Vera (fictionalized in A Three-Turtle Summer) so I'm feeling guilty. Maybe I should fly them back to my homestate so they can warm up.
Better go do some research. Daylight is a lot better to read out-of-print books by.
Happy reading! Janelle
1-16-12- Lots of things are happening around here:
 I'm going to be a guest blogger sometime this year for Lisa Vandiver (Lisa's Place    http://www.lisavandiver.blogspot.com/?zx=85390390d262f07d ), The subject is myths and legends.
The illustrations are coming in for a children's project that is already written. These things take time. The artist, Sherri Bails is doing a wonderful job and I'm thrilled! I've posted one of them above this posting.
And I'm doing some work with a local radio station, KLAY1180 Talk Radio. Actually, they're doing all the work. I just turned in one of my books for them to work with.
Meanwhile, Geronimo is almost finished. I'm waiting on some research queries.
While I've been on sick leave I've redesigned the homepages of two of my websites and added and deleted some pages.
It's shaping up to be a great year. It'll be even better once I get my taxes for Washington State turned in. I hate paperwork!


12-28-11-I've had some questions about my Wanda the Witch stories. They've been taken off to make way for some web improvements. One Wanda the Witch story is still posted on my blog http://JanelleMerazHooper.blogspot.com. Look for Wanda the Witch Hits Wall Street. More of them are also in my Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories mixed genre book.


12-19-11- Merry Christmas, everyone! Hanukah begins tomorrow! I wish you all Happy Holidays. I know I missed Ramadan in August--somehow it slipped past me. I'll make up for it next year!


I have news on a new Amazon feature- those with an Amazon Prime account can now borrow some books for free. I have put three of my books into the lending program: A Three-Turtle Summer, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, and Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories. The first two of these books are award winners, so they're a good read, I promise! Well worth the price (:! My other books cannot be added right away due to contract issues.


I hope you're enjoying the holiday season. Our tree is the best one we've ever had (I say that every year). I have my bowl of tangerines on the coffee table and as soon as I make a huge bowl of popcorn, I'll be set. Well...the bowl of popcorn will most likely end up in my office. I eat a lot of it!


I do have one problem: I cannot find one of four sheep that follow my shepard across my bathroom windowsill every year. The set is handpainted by one of our aunts and I love it dearly. I have torn through every drawer in the house. Nothing. Wouldn't you know it would be the black sheep that's missing? No kidding.


11-22-11- My three newest novels are now avilable on Nook as well as Kindle. Tip for the Thanksgiving cook: put the biggest frozen turkey you can find into the oven. Do it now. That'll give you plenty of time to read all three books before you have to serve dinner!


I never got around to taking down the Thankgiving stories last year. They're still on the Archives page if you need a laugh.


11-11-11- I like to make little vignettes of books or stories in my house using whatever I find in the closets. This one is a reference to a Native American story about how the raven stole the earth...only I used a Quidditch ball for the earth (okay, it's really just a Quidditch Christmas ornament). Perhaps the funniest thing is that the family never comments! This little story has been up for over a week now...no one has noticed!

I miss my Aunt Norah. She was playful too. One time we had the key to a relative's house so we could feed her cats when she was away. We "broke in" and left a full-size cardboard cutout of Billy Ray Cyrus (Achy, Breaky Heart) in her kitchen. Along with balloons and a sexy note.

In my novels she's always out of town but I write about her a lot. I guess my Turtle Trilogy novels are really fictional autobiographies. Who knew? At the time, I was just trying to get the books written before I lost all of my favorite aunts and my mother. I didn't make it. Not one of them lived long enough to read my valentines to them.

11-08-11- There's been a lot of discussion among writers who are making their paperback and hardcover books available on electronic devices. What's the right price? What's a fair price? No one knows. In the end, independent writers will make their own decisions. I have made mine: I have lowered the prices of my Kindle and Nook books to $2.99 USD.
Not because there is anything wrong with them (an award winner is still an award winner even if the price changes). And it's not because some of them are old. If you haven't read a book yet, it's still new to you.
Mostly, it's about copyright. I happen to own my works, and there are no "middlemen" for me to pay.
I hope you'll check out my books. They're good reads. I promise.
Other news:
My Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories book of shorts and short stories and As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries are now a part of Amazon's WorldReader program. I'm delighted to participate in this program to bring books to needy children in underdeveloped countries. I'm hoping other authors will join this program. It's easy. Amazon does all the work!
In October, when I put my As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries book on sale (the sale is over now) for $.99 cents USD, I was just fooling around. I was sick. And bored. What fun! I got messages from relatives and friends who read the book and remembered some of the events. I never expected this to happen. Thank you all! 

10-21-11- Another great week! Amazon's WorldReader has added two of my books (As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries and Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories) to their list! If you haven't heard about it, in this program, Amazon loads up Kindles with books and ships them to children who need them all over the world. Are you wondering how they use them in the middle of Africa? I was! I've learned that they have solar chargers over there for electronic gadgets. I'm delighted to be a part of this program because, when I was a kid, library books were very important to my mental health. Just thinking about a kid in Africa reading about my experiences at Comanche powwows makes me grin...I hope they write to me!
The reviews for Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie are beginning to come in. Look for them on this site, Amazon Kindle, and Nook.
I've been looking through piles of research for certain info about the Apaches in the Old West. I found nothing. Then, last Saturday, I stumbled across the needed info on a website!
Augh! I discovered this week that there was an obselete email address on my books' info in the UK Amazon site. It's fixed now. I was so dumb about technology when I first published. I thought I'd have my NWRain address forever, I loved it so! It could still be out there somewhere. For a response, send your emails to JanelleMHooper@comcast.net or if you just have a comment, you can leave it on my homepage.
Happy Friday, everyone! (:
10-15-11-This week, I turned in the first draft of my one-man show on Geronimo titled Friending Geronimo. It was approved! The project will take another year, at least. It's a long way from the other work I've done but someone once said: You've got to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down!
In other news, the men in my family are busy fishing for salmon--the rivers are full of them right now. They don't even need a boat--they're fishing from shore!
I'm tickled that readers are enjoying my latest light (very light!) romance, Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie. It's even more exciting to see that people are still reading Custer and His Naked Ladies and Bears in the Hibiscus. Often, earlier books seem to get buried by the new. These three books are my romance books. The Turtle Trilogy is my literary collection. My next book, The Welfare Resort, is also a literary book. I'm not a formula writer so each book is different. If you don't like one, you might like the next. That's why I post sample chapters here on my website.
Maybe it's time for a second cup of coffee. Enjoy the weekend! Before you know it we'll be eating pumpkin pie!
10-06-11- I'm sick and I'm bored. Just for fun I've lowered the Kindle price of my As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries book to .99 cents USD. Happy Halloween! The cover on Amazon is black and brown but it's the same book as the paperback version.
10-02-11- Egad! I have pneumonia. Obviously, it's a light case or I wouldn't be in my office. This is a first for me--I think I've had almost everything else. I'm on one of those combination drugs that I've never heard of before. I write a lot about my life-experiences, but I think this is one event I'll leave out!
My favorite romance, Bears in the Hibiscus is out on Nook now. Most of the others will go up as soon as I feel better. This time, again, I left the technical production to Walt at Five Rainbows in Michigan. He's done all of my books and it's a relief to be able to turn a book over to him and not have to worry about it. Electronic books are very prone to mistakes and I've heard of books being transmitted with upside down pages! It's not surprising when you think of it--the book is traveling through cyberspace. It's an electronic miracle that it shows up in our devices at all! 
Ths year I made up a Kindle basket to donate to Multicare's Bike-a-Thon. If you're in the Puyallup/Tacoma area, please buy a ticket to help the kids. Sue Wyder is handling the tickets--Facebook her!
Better get back to bed. I'm taking my research on Geronimo with me.
the show is about wrapped up but I can't seem to leave it alone. Tweaking is my real comfort zone.
9-18-11- I've gotten a few emails commenting on how "light" my new romance is when the other romances I've written have their steamy moments. The answer is I write each book separately and this latest story (Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie) didn't require a lot of whoo-hoo! to tell the story.
All of my books are different (ain't no formula writing going on here!) so if you don't like one you might like the next. That's one of the reasons I post sample chapters--so my readers won't be disappointed in a book.
What's next? I have a book on senior citizens in the cooler...
?- (I deleted the date! I am such a techie--is that Microsoft I hear calling?)  Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!
8-24-11- Oh, dear! Due to some website publishing errors on my part the new, lower prices on my Kindle versions of A Three-Turtle Summer and Custer and His Naked Ladies books didn't get posted in all places. I think it's fixed now. Just to clarify, a Kindle version of A Three-Turtle Summer is  now $5.99 as is the Kindle version of Custer and His Naked Ladies. So sorry for the confusion. The books are still a good read. It's just that I have gained more control of my books (One of the perks of being around so long!).
8-10-11-Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie is now available on Kindle, Nook, and others! That was fast! Maybe someone over there likes snakes! (; Thank you Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!
8-10-11-Finally! Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie has been submitted to Kindle, Nook, and others. "Boogie" is a light romance unlike any of my other books. I might be fearless-who else would write a romance with a big snake in it? Read the first chapter on the "Boogie" page.
I'm tickled to be gaining some readers in the UK. Thank you all! I'm also pleased that you're reading my mixed genre book, Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories. It breaks my heart when I see some of the books and movies we export to the world. I think they make all Americans look greedy, affluent, and mean. It's not true. Most of us are nice people! Well, maybe not our politicians...but that's another story.
Geronimo-I've finished the first draft of my one-man show. It's rougher than an Indian trail in the Gila Mountains but I'll fix it.
I'll let you know on my homepage when Boogie goes live.
I hope you're all having a great summer! 
7-26-11-I'm busy trying to figure out how I'm going to launch my new romance when I'm in the middle of other interviews, writing my one-man show and keeping up my websites. Help! If anyone has some space on their blog to mention my book, please let me know!
It all seems so silly when we are in the middle of such a terrible drought in the Midwest. I received this in my email this morning:
As evidenced by people living in Oklahoma, West Texas and South Texas, and ever-increasing areas in other parts of the country, the drought condition is reaching critical status; cattle are being auctioned off; crops have burned up; and drinking water is becoming a concern. 
It's easy to forget people suffering from the lack of water when I live in a rain forest. We've only had one day this "summer' when we've had to water our yard.  
If you believe in the power of prayer, please send a few toward Oklahoma and Texas.
Our prayer plate has been full lately. Norway, Mexico and other areas have brought into focus how fragile this planet is. Our National budget is threatening to change our way of life for the worst. Everywhere we look--in the US and the rest of the world--people are hurting each other.
when I was in my early thirties I felt so overwhelmed by the need everywhere and I felt so helpless to change anything. I finally backed off and adopted my rock on the water policy. You know, when you throw a pebble on the water and the circles spread around it? I decided to be one of those pebbles and start in my own community and work out from there. And I did, for many years.
Now things have changed. Someone in a small town hundreds of miles from D. C. can make a difference through the Internet and other ways. President Obama taught us that.
Well, I'd better get back to work. I doubt if it's going to rain in Oklahoma just because my keyboard is wet. Now is a good time to look out our window and help where we can.

Red painted turtle on stump 2011 Dick Hooper

Seven red painted turtles 2011 Dick Hooper

I'm saddened by the severe temperatures that have made people suffer so much recently. As there were no communications where I was, I had no idea until this morning what was going on. Please allow me to retract my whining about my cannas this morning!
7-22-11- Hi! I'm back from vacation. Did you miss me? We went over to Sun Cove Resort in Eastern Washington to do some trout fishing and check out the red painted turtles. I'll post some photos as soon as I get unpacked.
As you can see below, I hit the ground running when I got back (I love this expression. I know it's trite, but I'm in a wheelchair! It makes me laugh!):
Other news: I have lowered the price on the Kindle version of Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories because it has a lot of readers of all ages that are  learning English as a second language. The short, humorous stories are popular with them. I have suffered trying to learn Spanish so they have my sympathy.
I have also lowered the price on my As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries because its chapters are being used in some schools as oral interpretation pieces for contests.
Walt from Five Rainbows is converting my new romance (Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie) for Kindle, Nook and other reading devices. I'll let you know when it's ready. What a fun book.
He is also adapting my other Kindle books to be read on Nook and others.
I know. I know. He is obviously doing all of the "running", but the ideas were mine!
It has always made me sad when I open my Sunday paper and see the first back-to-school ads. How I hate for summer to end. It was so cool here all summer that my poor cannas that I planted to remember my Aunt Vera never got over a foot high. Normally, they are at least 3-4 feet. The roses outside my bedroom window scream during the night--they want one of my down comforters. My hydrangeas--all 4 of them--are without even one bud. There is no way I'l see any blooms this year. Even so, I'll miss summer when October rolls around. Do ya suppose we'll all have to buy plastic pumpkins this year? ):

6-29-11-I printed out my new book and weighed it on my kitchen scales. I was shocked to discover it was short one word. I'm rechecking the manuscript now to locate the missing space and will publish soon. I hope.
6-01-11-I've posted a photo of Rudy Ramos on my homepage. He's the actor that I'm working with on a project about Geronimo. He's family and we're both from Oklahoma, so is it any surprise we're working on a project about Apaches?! Ha!
5-30-11-Memorial Day is very special around here. I suspect it is for you too. It seems that more and more, it is considered another holiday to remember our fallen soldiers, but I also use it to remember all of the wonderful relatives my life was blessed with. Most of you know that the women in my Turtle Trilogy were based on them.
In case you didn't see it on my homepage, the cover for my new light romance is above. Ryan at Studio Reflections in Puyallup designed it for me. I love it so much I'm going to have a tee-shirt made with it on the front. The book itself is still in production. It'll be out soon on Kindle.
In other news, some of my books are now available in downtown Puyallup at A Novel Idea Bookstore. What a great place to shop for books. It's mainly a used bookstore, but they have a lot of new too. If you haven't been, go! Whenever I'm there, I seem to pick up a piece of pottery. They have that too. On Saturday, I got a gorgeous turquoise bowl that I'm going to use in a photograph when my husband finishes his new cyprus table. It'll be gorgeous!
I'm so glad that more of you are enjoying my Custer and His Naked Ladies novel. It got a slow start because it was thought of as a history book. I hope I never make that mistake with a title again!
5-11-11-Just for fun, I've just lowered the price on two of my Kindle books. Bears in the Hibiscus is now $3.99 USD. Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories is now $2.99 USD. Enjoy the savings!
5-05-11-Happy cinco de mayo! Hat dances in my office, 2:00 PM!
5-04-11- Hi, everyone! It's been an exciting week. I've been receiving emails from the artist who is doing the cover for my latest romance--Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie. I've decided to publish it on Kindle first to feed the Kindle beast that eats up everything I throw at it. It is now offering my books in the UK and Germany. More countries are on the way. What a kick to hear from readers so far away!
Cinco de mayo is tomorrow--don't forget to wear your sombrero!
I've just had a piece published on this site: http://www.chronic-illness.org/blog/my-systemic-lupus-and-arthritis-story-sickly-by-janelle-meraz-hooper that was written by request. It's a chronic illness site that seeks to offer support and comfort to those suffering from a chronic illness. It's short.
Most of my time is being spent on my Geronimo project. Books are arriving several times a week and I'm constantly being sucked back into that part of history that I've always found so fascinating. I got one yesterday on Apache folklore and have ordered an Apache dictionary that has been delayed but will be here soon.
4-26-11- On my author's page,I vaguely remember mentioning my little people I have on a shelf above my laptop to remind me about all of the wonderful people on this planet. As I was going through old photos this morning, I came across this shot of my little Russian and Japanese people. I have shots of my ponchos (sleeping Mexicans)throughout this site. There are many more. I'm way behind in my photography chores! (This shot has now been moved to my Publicity and Promos page.)
  I'm busy on my Geronimo project. How I'm loving it! Better get back to work!
4-14-11- I wrapped up my Kindle book giveaway yesterday. Congratulations to Deb in Wisconsin. She asked for Bears in the Hibiscus and she had it in minutes after the contest ended. I had some fun meeting new readers and wasn't really surprised to see where a lot of the entries came from (Kindle's page on Facebook). I'll do it again later on!
I'm still working on my Geronimo project. What a fun project to research! I've given myself two years to complete it but it's going much faster than I'd planned.
My Boogie, Bears, and Cherry Pie romance is ready to go but I can't seem to turn it loose. The resort novella got such positive feedback from my readers that I'm holding onto it until it grows into a novel.
If you're curious about the limousine ad on my homepage, I'm using my friend Mark's services when I go far from home lately. Traffic is such a you-know-what and I choose not to deal with it anymore! The Social Rocketship ad is from a company I'm very enthused about.
I'd better get back to work. Take care, everyone, and remember what Jeff Bezos (Amazon) said, "It's always day one!"
4-03-11-Lately, all of my volunteer work has been done via my Visa card. I've donated to Amazon's fundraiser for Japan and Worldreader. Of course, I always support my local foodbank--that's an ongoing crisis. I wish I could do more, maybe at a later time. I hope you'll share what you can. I can remember when there was a big earthquake in the Northwest and the response from Japan was as big as our earthquake. Please help! The need is great.
3-24-11- I was busy writing this week but left some time to go to downtown Puyallup for my Scrounge4Water project. I took some things to Jewell's Consignments, and stopped by A Novel Idea and dropped off some books. While I was there I got a dynamite piece of pottery from Dawn Mecklenburg for the kitchen. Then I swung around the corner and got an Indianhead penny from David at his coin shop. I'm going to wear the penny on a chain to celebrate my Indianhead book.
Back to my research. I hope you and yours are well and safe.
3-15-11-Publishing is changing so fast I'm confused most of the time. One thing that makes sense is Amazon's new feature allowing a customer to send a Kindle book for a gift. Look for the button near the buy button on the right.
My Scrounge4Water project is moving slowly. I'm holding back the funds from my book sales until I can send one check. I'm asking clothing donators to send their checks from their sales in directly. I'm not much for holding other people's money so I'll sleep better if we do it this way. I will try to keep a tally.  The recycled clothing idea, with the profits going to Scrounge needs some tweaking. I'm going to ask women to take their donations directly to Nine Lives Vintage Wear in Tacoma. It is taking a lot of time and my house is really too small to handle a lot of extra clothing. Kristi's focus is vintage clothing, so if you have anything to donate, please contact her: ph: 253-267-0324.
The one-man show I'm working on is coming along nicely. It's a two-year project, so don't buy a ticket yet! More details later.
The picture of the herons is one of the few photos we've taken this spring. It's been wet and nasty here. I was so anxious to use my new camera on the day I got out, but we had to use Dick's camera and talent because the birds were too far away for the lens on my camera.
1-23-11- You may have noticed a message under my ad on my homepage mentioning my Scrounge4Water project. The project is so new that I don't have much to report about it yet. 
But the idea came from a post I put on a politician's site responding to something he said about the world's poor. I posted something like, "Geez, Louise, if we can't at least get food and water to the people who need it--the very basics of life--what the hell can we do?!" Not surprisingly, I got no response. It's said that "polite women never make history". Maybe I'm just tiring of being polite. 
  So here's the deal: I'm old. I'm tired of waiting for the world governments to solve problems. World Vision has an ad in their Christmas Catalog that they can provide water to needy people. Along with the ad came a chart. I don't remember all of it, but for $100.00 donation, I can send bottled water. For $1000 I can have a whole well dug. How simple is that?
  My plan is to scrounge around for evey nickel and quarter I can get my hands on in 2011, consign my old clothes (some are at Kristi's Nine Lives Vintage Wears Store in Tacoma) and give a portion of my book sales to the project. Possibly, I may even sell business ads on my site. I'm in a hurry, so I may even charge for my advice to writers. I give out a lot of it!
  I'm hoping to involve others, but I haven't cleared it with World Vision yet. I don't think you'll blame me for not wanting to handle donated money. There has to be a way to do that. I'll look into it.
So if you'd like to buy an ad on my homepage, contact me. We'll work something out.
My other charitable donations will stay the same.
1-04-11- Above is the New Year's card that I'm still in the process of sending out via email. It's an old photo because I didn't get out much last year because I was so busy. I didn't feel too bad about it because the light was awful around here--at least for my photographic tastes. I'm sure experts would disagree with me. I'm just an amateur photographer, and I like bright sun. Even though the photo is old, the New Year's wish to all of my friends and readers is new. Happy New Year!
12-22-10 Grandmother's screen door has been posted. You can view it at this website address:


click on the box that says: Home of Bicultural + Multicultural People Rule

Today, I’m at the top of the page. There are two more below me. More could be added at any time.

(My text box is stuck in "center", sorry!)



12-24-10- Merry Christmas! Thank you all for your nice emails over the past year. I hope the teachers whose students have used my stories for oral interpretation will keep in touch with me and let me know how the students did. Thank you so much for inviting me into your classrooms via the Internet.
I hope you all have a wonderul New Year! Don't you just love a nice, clean calendar? I love to write things in those neat little boxes!
12-13-10 I've just finished my part of a collaborative effort for a Multi-Cultured website titled Grandmother's screen door. I'll post the web address as soon as I have it.
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I haven't even started because I've been working on three deadlines. One of them, a submission to the 2010 Oklahoma Book Awards, took the better part of a day because my computer mis-behaved. The multi-cultural project is complete, and the new novel is back from my editor. I have some work to do on that.
Among my friends on Facebook, I've started using a tag: I'm old. I know stuff. Almost everyone on my page is a lot younger than I am, so I try to share my aged knowledge. Especially about writing. What fun! Most of them are scrambling to get their works on Amazon's Kindle, and I know stuff they don't. Again, because I'm old. Been there. Done that. Does the fun ever end?
Merry Christmas to all of my friends who are just getting ready for Christmas. A belated Happy Hanukah to my Jewish friends (I'm behind because of the deadlines) and Happy Holidays to my other friends and their celebrations.
One of the things I do this time of year is look over my spreadsheets. Again, as I suspected, I have given away more than I've made. This is only possible because I have a husband with a real job. Thanks, Hon, from the bottom of my heart (I've been giving his money away to my favorite charities since 1962.) Sadly, all things must come to an end. If not a dead end, I at least have to adopt a more organized method of giving. Starting this year, I will have a budget and will try to keep my contributions focused on charities that deal with with children, the local foodbank, and clean water for developing nations.  I regret having to narrow down my giving, but I am not married to Bill Gates, and someday, I will be old--and maybe hungry--Oh, I would have made such a good rich person, Ha! Because my contributions are so small, the charities left off my 2011 list will not even notice the absence my pitiful checks. When I dream at night, UNICEF, The Ship of Hope, and breast cancer research will be in my dreams. I'm sure those with more money than I have will carry those projects. They are so worthy!
12-03-10- Due to an unexpected opportunity to submit a multi-cultural commentary, I am delaying the publication of my newest romance, Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie: Love on the Zoo's Third Floor... I expect it to be out after the first of the year.
11-23-10- Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We were threatened with a grocery workers' union strike this year so we got all of our shopping done early. For the last three days we've had a pretty good winter storm--temp. this morning was 17 degrees. We've lost our electricity twice. We're checking into recipes for cooking a 23-pound turkey on a grill. Things should settle down by Thursday, but I could regret not buying that box of instant mashed potatoes I saw in the store. We always cook real potatoes, but we use a stove. With a burner. And a gas flame. How spoiled are we in this country?
   But I make no apologies. I've never claimed to be a pioneer woman. Whenever we watch a western on TV and I see women suffering while they haul water, walk behind a wagon train, or fight Indians, I point at the screen. "That's not me," I shout as I point to each woman. "Never! I never would have left New York." I always see a trace of sadness in my husband's eyes. He imagines himself as John Wayne's sidekick, herding the cattle through dust storms, rain, and cattle rustlers. How did he ever get saddled with such a city girl? About then he sees a piece of black lace peeking out of the top of my robe and he remembers. Oh. Yeah. That's why!
11-13-10- What a great time we had yesterday at our Northwest Authors Holiday Book Event! Freighthouse Square gave us a great big room and we filled it up with our readers. During quieter times, the authors took advantage of the time to visit with each other. It was a party! Down the hall, the food vendors kept the food and beverages coming. I never get a big lunch when I'm at home, so I really love going the the FHS for an event!
Thanks again to Kristi Coyne who worked so hard to make us comfortable. We love you, Kristi!
11-11-10 Happy Veteran's Day to all of the men and women in our armed services. Thank you for your service to our country. May we never send you needlessly to war.
11-09-10- I am still planning to attend the Holiday Book Event at Freighthouse Square on November, 13th, despite my accident. Come see me! I'll be autographing copies of my books and 8x10 glossies of my bruises...(I made that last part up!). More info on the poster above!

10-27-10-I'm just sitting down to reread my voters' pamphlet. This is a serious election. Here in Washington State there are a lot of bills and elections* that worry me. This is one of those years you need to vote. Even if your car has broken down in LA and you have to bum a ride to work each day. VOTE. Even if your tractor parts are late in Nebraska. VOTE. Even if the subways shut down in Manhattan.VOTE. Rock the vote, America!
* For instance, in Washington State, Why would you want to give up a 3-term senator’s power and voice for an incoming freshman senator who will be lucky if he gets to make a coffee run? I dunno...I'm just wondering...Patty Murray has done a good job for our state. That other guy is not ready for prime time.
10-22-10-This morning I posted some Halloween shorts. You can find them on the page titled WANDA. Feel free to copy and use them for any non-commercial purpose. Please, keep my name on them...some of these have been published other places. If you have a question, email me.
10-20-10-My Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie is finished. It'll be in the cooler for awhile and there is a chance it may not be ready for Christmas. I regret this, but I want the book to be at its best before I turn it loose. I blame its tardiness on Chile. C-C-C-Le-Le-Le! Chile! I couldn't walk away from this miraculous rescue. What a wonderful people! To be fair, I also had a dialect issue for two of the characters in my new book. It turns out, Jamaican Patois isn't anything like Spanish. Who knew?
Meanwhile, I'm working on the holiday book event at Freighthouse Square that I am organizing, working on other authors' web pages, lining up research materials for a possible book, trying to talk myself into a rush project that will exhaust me (so far, I'm resisting), and assembling a catalog of my Northwest Author friends. Somewhere in there, I'm going to rest.
10-03-10- The Bike-a-thon was a great success.They even had great weather--no rain! Thanks to the great people of Rainier Family Physical Therapy for doing the event. Sue Wyder did a great job of coordinating it! Thanks, Sue! All of the profits went to Multicare Bridge's charity for grieving children. When I saw the gorgeous baskets the merchants had donated, I had to buy some raffle tickets for myself! We tried for the Seahawk's basket, the Flying Tomato Italian Grill basket, a basket donated by a custom cake lady, and a huge wine basket.  We didn't win any of them, but I'm sure they went to good homes.
The photo above is the poster for our Northwest Authors' Book Event on November 13th that I'm coordinating with Kristi Coyne of Vintage Wear and others. It'll be held on a Saturday at Freighthouse Square. Ya'll come say hello!
9-29-10- The Bike-a-thon is this weekend. Stop by Rainier Family Physical Therapy and buy a raffle ticket for my book basket--it's for the kids! The tents will be in front of their office at 18710 Meridian East in Puyallup.
9-19-10-Oh, my gosh! It says in the Sunday paper that Target is now selling Kindles! When I originally made my books available on the electronic reading device, it was  experimental. Now that it's available at Target, it's definitely not experimental anymore!

9-15-10- This week I put together a basket of my books to be raffled off to help raise money for the Multicare Bridges program for traumatized children. I'll post a photo soon (it's on my home page now). I'm asked to do about one of these a year, and how I suffer! I can write the books, but I don't have a gift-basket gene! Afterwards, I always have nightmares that no one will buy a raffle ticket for the basket because it's so ugly! That's a feathered crow in the left front...I borrowed him from Poe. The little pumpkin on the right has metal pins of all of my book covers.
9-01-10- My calendar says it's the first of September, but I honestly don't know where the summer went. It was mostly wet and cool here, so it's going to make our winter seem realllly long. What to do? What to do? I guess I'll finish a couple of books I've been working on. My humorous romance, Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie is almost finished, and I'm getting closer to finishing the literary novel about senior citizens living one step to the left of homelessness. So far it has many titles, none of which I like.
In other news, we have a good row of blackberry bushes that has berries almost ready to pick. I'm not looking forward to being wet and cold, so I'm hoping for some sun. Our pears are much easier to harvest, and we have one apple tree that has the tiniest apples it has ever had, and they are as hard and green as that emerald that was found recently in North (?) Carolina. We could have a good crop of plums if I could keep the possums off the tree. Those little buggers are so brazen and they bare their teeth at me when I try to shoo them away. They scare the heck out of me! Most likely, they'll get most of them.
Well, I'd better go get my gear ready to watch the kids play soccer. I feel a little guilty about urging them on when the field is wet and cold while I'm wrapped up like some kind of Alaskan mummy in wool scarves, but that's the way I roll (as the kids say).
7-23-10- From an interview on:
How do you inspire yourself? What are your sources of creativity?

My inspiration and creativity come naturally, as long as it’s early in the day. Nothing creative happens with me after ten PM. When I was young, I imagined myself being like Mickey Spillane on TV. I could see myself, smoking and drinking shots of whiskey in the wee hours while I sat, typing in a dark and dusty room. It doesn’t happen with me. I can’t write a grocery list after ten o’clock. And I don’t drink or smoke.

This was quite a while ago, but I just ran into it on the Internet. I'd forgotten all about it. Interviews are such fun!

It's Friday! Woo-hoo! when I woke up this morning, I remembered my elementary school days when the PTA would make popcorn and sell it on the playground for ten cents. Those were the days! There's just something about the smell of popcorn that makes a day special. (Where the heck is my popcorn machine?)

7-21-10- When I talked all winter about kicking back this summer, I forgot to factor in the weather. We've had one of the wettest and coolest spring and summers in history here in the Great Northwest. Not so good for the beach. Great weather for writing! As a result, I'm way behind on my sun-time and way ahead on my writing projects. Like they say, "Ride the horse the direction it's going!"
Everyday, it seems, I change the title on the novel I'm writing on impoverished seniors. Right now, it's Slum Resort, Seniors Living One Step to the Left of Homeless. But that will probably change. The second one, another humorous romance, is easier to name: Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie, Love on The Zoo's Third Floor.
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!
7-05-10- Our neighborhood exploded with fireworks last night. It gets worse every year. I feel so sorry for the pets that suffer from the loud noises. I no longer have a dog, but I used to have a white sheppard who was so traumatized by the noise that he'd crawl into the fireplace. He was the best dog, I hated to see him suffer. In those days, it wasn't nearly as bad as it is now.
Anyway, a belated Happy Fourth to everyone! I figure there was enough cordite in the air from the fireworks last night to kill every mosquito for miles around. No fear of West Nile this year!

6-14-10- I hope you're having a wonderful summer! We had a sunny weekend in Washington State. Everyone was running around like an ant who has finally found its way out of an empty paper sack. All over the neighborhood, yards, flowerbeds, and plant containers were given a healthy dose of attention. Ours too. It was time. I've been fooled by The Weather Goddess before, so I don't set out plants just because the calendar says it's the first day of spring. All that really means around here is that it's safe to leave the garden hoses out over night--they probably won't freeze.
We also went to the first (for us) summer fair of the season. Maple Valley Days, set on Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley is a whopper of a spring fair. Two of my friends who design jewelry were there, so I came away with a gorgeous cobalt pendant to wear on a silver omega I have. I also got two small fabric turtle paperweights made entirely by hand. I'll have to give them away because ths house has been full of turtles since A Three-Turtle Summer came out. Even my tape dispenser is a turtle. I have very thoughtful readers!
The clouds are moving in now, and we won't have as much sun today as we had over the weekeknd, so it will be a good day to get some writing done!
What are you reading? Email me and let me know! (janellemhooper@comcast.net).
5-29-10- Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of our men and women who have served or are serving in our armed forces. Thank you for your service to our country.
When I was a kid in Oklahoma, I used to help my grandmother make red crepe paper roses to take to the graveyards. No rain in Oklahoma to fade the flowers. We made an armload of them and I can remember going from grave to grave with her while she told me about men in our family who had died years before I was even born.
As my mother aged, she was no longer able to go to the cemetary as her mother had. Once, she went several days late and discovered flowers had been placed on all of the graves. Puzzled, she went home and wondered how they had gotten there as most of the family had moved on and hadn't followed the custom.Later on, she discovered my cousin, Trude, had visited the graveyard and fulfilled the family duties. My mom never stopped loving her for that. I haven't either.
5-17-10- I've lowered the price on my Kindle version of Bears in the Hibiscus to celebrate the release of the paperback version. What fun! A sale! Amazon gave me a little control and I went crazy. Try it. You'll like it, I promise! I don't mean you should try going crazy, just try the book...(I think I need another cup of coffee.).
My canna(s?) didn't freeze. They were just late coming up. I'm really glad because I haven't seen any in the nurseries around here.
Today, I'm working on my next silly romance, tentatively titled, "Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie". It's a good day to work because it's going to rain and I won't be tempted to go out on my sundeck.
Have a great week, everyone.
5-14-10- I've just noticed that my Bears in the Hibiscus book is now available on Barnes and Noble's online site. The others are there too, of course.
My book pins from Lithium Love are in. Rochelle did a great job. I'm attaching a photo above. I don't have a plan yet to give them away...maybe with book purchase at street fairs this summer...

5-9-10- Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers. For Mother's Day, my husband buys me hanging baskets for under the eaves. Sometimes, it's hard to wait but, this year, they would have frozen if we'd jumped the gun. From now on, they should be safe.
In my flowerbeds, my cannas froze. I planted them in memory of my Aunt Vera, so I will replant if I can find some. I put in three plants a few years ago (they're expensive) and hoped they'd spread. I guess not. This is not the climate for cannas or crepe myrtle, but I keep trying anyway. It IS the climate for hibiscus--because I keep my plant in the house, lol.
Better get back to the flowerbeds, it's supposed to rain tomorrow...
4-28-10- Well, the paperback version of Bears in the Hibiscus is finally on Amazon. When Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie comes out, I won't make that mistake again. Of course, it's not due until December 2010, so my memory may not be that long! The book will be available on most other online sites soon. These things take time.
You know, I still don't have a title for my mainstream fiction novel (still in progress) about senior citizens? This has never happened to me before. I usually have three or four possible titles for a book. It's not due for months, maybe I'll figure something out...if I don't, there's going to be a very cranky cover designer in my future, lol.
The photo of skunk cabbage was taken over the weekend in Newport, Oregon. We made a quick run to eat some fresh crab and soak in some sunshine. What a fun town! If you're looking for some great seafood, try Ocean Local and Sharks. YUM!
4-18-10- Well, DUH! I've been waiting for Amazon to post my book. They've been waiting for me to click the enable button. Now that they have shown me where it is, maybe the book will be up this week (hope, hope, hope).
My book-signing at the Freighthouse Square was a huge success. Elfi Hornby and I sold a lot of books, saw many old friends, ate some great food, and even talked to the politicians who stopped by. Elfi and I have been a team for years. We split a table at book shows so we can help each other during lunch and coffee breaks. We're already planning the next one.
3-30-10- Yesterday, my first shipment of the paperback version of Bears in the Hibiscus was delivered. I'll be mailing the reserved copies this week. Email me if you'd like an authographed copy, I have extra ones. The book will also be available on Amazon (and other places) in a few days.
It's going to be a busy week--I'm also converting my Kindle book so the cover will match the paperback. It takes days to get these changes made on websites, so I get a little stressed!
From what I hear, winter hasn't left a large part of our country yet. I'm aware that our people and people in other parts of our glorious planet are still suffering, not only from bad weather, but much, much more. This has been a terrible winter. Without going into details, let me just say my prayers and thoughts are with you.  
I hope you have a pleasant and safe week. Hug your kids. Pet your dog. Life is good.
3-20-10- No, those are not my feet in the above photo! LOL! They belong to my husband. He works very hard and we spend a lot of weekends hiding out with a good movie and an early bedtime.
Last night was my hometown's annual dungeness crab feed sponsored by our local Rotary. The event, to raise scholarship money, is one of my favorites, and not just for the crab. I love to watch the couples dancing to the country/rock band in their faded jeans and freshly pressed cowboy shirts. A lot of them look as if they passed their 50th wedding anniversary years ago--they move so well together. This is a good place to live. A great place to raise kids. And a wonderful place to hide out from that big city just to the north of us. You know, the one with all of the traffic???
3-18-10- Hello to the students in Texas who are using my writing for oral interpretation pieces. Let me know how it goes!
3-15-10- I'm still waiting for Bears in the Hibiscus to be released. Mother Nature sure wrecked havoc on the east coast this year. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we got off easy. This is the first time in about four years that I didn't have heavy snow pictures of my deck to post on my blog (http://JanelleMerazHooper.blogspot.com ). Of course, winter isn't over yet, lol!
The new romance I'm working on, tentatively titled: Boogie, Boots, and Cherry Pie opens with a St. Patrick's Day Party. I thought about posting it just for fun, but it is not due to be released until December 2010. That's a long time away. I'll post it next March.
In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day...watch out for that green beer!
2-20-10 Where does the time go? I'm still writing January on my checks. My Bears in the Hibiscus paperback isn't out yet. Soon, I hope. I'm guessing the terrible weather back east has a lot to do with it. I've extended the pre-order date a few days to compensate. See the pre-order page on this site for info on ordering.
Meanwhile, I'm moving along on the next humorous romance, tentatively titled: Boogie, Boots and Cherry Pie. I love these silly stories; I'm a firm believer in humor when it comes to relationships.
I'm also working on a literary novel about senior citizens living just to the left of homelessness. Its inspiration is a reaction to the problems senior citizens have growing old in this Land of Me society. So far, it has no title. Bette Davis wasn't kidding when she said, "Old age is no place for sissies!"
1-19-10 Late-breaking news! My latest humorous romance, Bears in the Hibiscus, will be out in paperback soon. Watch for it on Amazon.com! 
12-15-09-Merry Christmas! I'm sitting around my office wondering if it's going to snow tonight so, while I'm waiting, I added the Christmas chapter (Chapter 17, Ray Gets Lucky) to the sample chapters on my Bears in the Hibiscus page. Check it out. It's a fun read!


11-24-09 Big news! You can now read Kindle books on your computer! Free download for the feature: www.Amazon.com/KindleforPC. This is an exciting because now you can read books for the same low price a Kindle user can. I'll be writing about this more as I become familiar with it.

Amazon has given me my own author's page. Check it out: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002BM23QO 

10-17-09- If you're an author, check out the book pins on My friends page. They're made by Diaz Dezigns. The link is on the page.
The big news this week is the book war between Amazon and Wal-Mart. Some of my book prices may be lowered--scoop up the savings!
9-24-09- I was surprised to hear that yesterday was the first day of fall. Can that be true? Where did summer go? I don't know about you, but I'm definitely feeling like I got cheated out of a few hot dogs and watermelon slices. Of course, there's never enough watermelon, no matter what the season is.
I'm tickled to have so many new readers from a new source. A few months ago, I thought phones were just for ordering pizza. Now, readers are coming up to me and showing me my books on their phone. Who knew? If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, give it a try.
The paperback version of Bears in the Hibiscus is being delayed, but I'm offering it on this site in eBook form for $3.00. Of course, it is available also on the electronic devices.
I'm moving along on my two new novels. The working titles are The Zoo (a humorous romance) and The Resort (a literary novel about seniors living on the edge of poverty). You won't see them by this Christmas. Around here, I'm known as Rebecca of Rewrite Farm. I'll keep you posted.
Guess I'd better check in at The Resort or Zoo and get some work done...enjoy the fall. It's not beach weather, but it does have its perks! 
8-20-09- Another week almost gone. Time flies when you're writing two books at once. I'm lying, LOL. I haven't done much on either book--maybe three thousand words. Our summer house projects have taken up most of our energies. First, we painted the house. Then, next to the new house paint, the deck really looked shabby, so we replaced it. Sounds so simple on paper, but I could tell you stories...thank goodness the work is done (except for the construction clean-up) and even when I sneak out of bed at 3:00 AM to check, the solar lights on the deck posts are twinkling away. Back to my keyboard. I've really missed it.
8-15-09- Yesterday, I spent some time with a group that has become near and dear to my heart in the span of a few weeks. That's saying something because I don't just take up with anybody. Extreme Networking 101 is a group you'll be reading more about from me. In our little podunk town they are putting big sister Seattle to shame in public service. In one meeting alone, there were members having house parties, free haircuts, and car washes for a needy family. A Woman collecting winter coats for the street people in Tacoma (I guess we don't have any homeless here in little old Puyallup). And much more. I am flying fast and low, as usual, so I will keep you posted on their activities. Meanwhile, I will be packing up books for raffle prizes and writing checks for their fundraisers. Ya think ya got it bad? I could tell you stories. Look around. Help someone today. I have to put in a plug here for my favorite organization, our local foodbank. You have one too, wherever you are. Sit down, Sally, and write them a check. Momma don't want no hungry kids on this planet!
7-24-09- I'm flying fast and low today, but I want to tell you that I'll be attending Adventures in Literature on the 8th & 9th of August. There is more info near the bottom of my homepage. All details aren't ironed out yet. I'll let you know when I do!
7-05-09- Free Pecan Pie is now available on Kindle as well as paperback and eBook. Thank you all for your patience, I know I've taken up a lot of space whining about the project, lol! I just like to have things done right, and even though I have driven everyone around me crazy, I think it has been worth it.
Now, if I can just survive the Speed Spanish final, I can move on and spend the summer writing. I have two new books started, and am anxious to see where they go (sometimes, the outline gets over run by the muse).
In the meantime, grab one of my books and head for the beach. Time is fleeting. Saturday, I got a back-to-school email from Costco. Honest! How rude was that?! Augh!
7-03-09- As of this week, all of my books, except Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories, are available on Kindle. Of course, they are still available in paperback and eBook. Grab one and run to the beach! The old duplicate copies have been removed.
As soon as I take the final for my Speed Spanish course, I'll be back in my comfort zone, working on my new novels. I can't wait!
6-22-09- I now have four of my Kindle books reformatted. However, there is a glitch in the computer system, and Amazon is showing both books of each title--the old version and the new. I'm working to fix it. The fifth book, Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories, is in the works.
As of July 31, 2009, Tripod is using new software. I will leave this site in place until I get everything moved over to the new one. My initial impression is that their new software is high on tech, but lacking in design. I hope they read this. 
6-16-09- A Kindle bit: Kindle is experimenting with voice. There is a voice option where you can have the book read to you--it's not the author's voice, and some of the words are mispronounced, but those kinks can be forgiven if you need an audio book.
I added the new, reformatted version of As Brown As I Want : The Indianhead Diaries to Kindle yesterday. Look for the black cover with the brown font--the older version is also still showing on the screen. I've added the link above the photo on this page--the software wouldn't let me add it here.
6-03-09- Today, I've been on the site enlarging fonts. It's a long, slow process, and it's only me here behind the curtain...those flying monkeys aren't worth a darn when anything needs to be done...
5-30-09- Amazon is redoing its authors' blogs. Soon, there will be an Author's Page with book info, bio, photo, and blog all in one place. So, again, I need an author photo. Augh! I've been using the one I took months ago for everything, people are sick of it.
5-26-09- I've had a query as to why my audio stories have been taken off my site. I deleted them because they stopped working, and I couldn't figure out how to repair them. someday, when I have a fresh pot of coffee, I'll try again.

5-18-09  A Three-Turtle Summer, the reformatted version is now available for Kindle. Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/A-Three-Turtle-Summer/dp/B0029LIB2M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242662433&sr=1-2 
It now has the cover of the book on the first page, and the format by Five Rainbows Services is beautiful. My turtles are so much happier. You can download a free sample onto your Kindle. Try it, you'll like it, I promise!
Now, I'm moving onto As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries. I've done my part. On the production side, the photo has been worked on for the cover. I've posted it at the top of this page. It looks so much better.
I never thought this would take so much time! But it has been worth the effort, and I've learned a lot about Kindle production!
Three more books to go! Meanwhile, I'm working on three more books, two romances and a literary.
5-14-09 I just checked, and my first versions of my first four books are still on Amazon. They're okay, just not as well formatted as my new book, Bears in the Hibiscus. I have re-submitted A Three-Turtle Summer, and am waiting for Amazon to switch it on. The others are still in the formatting process. I'm tickled with the improved cover that Five Rainbows Services has done for As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries. The photo of my cousin and I looks like it was taken yesterday. The original photo was faded and blurry.
By the way, on the Three-Turtle Summer page, Amazon is still listing my Brown book with the title of Devil's Rope: The Indianhead Diaries. This was the original title, but it was changed before I published the book. Somehow, I forgot to change it, and I don't think I can now. It is the same book, just the wrong title.
Latest news: Dear Reader, I have temporarily removed my first four books (everything but Bears in the Hibiscus) from Kindle to have the format re-done. I think you'll be pleased with the new format that will match the Bears in the Hibiscus book. This change requires a lot of work from me before it is sent to be formatted--I'm working as fast as I can. A Three-Turtle Summer should be ready the first of June, and the rest soon after.
Also, I have eliminated the cd edition of Bears in the Hibiscus and am now offering it by email only (except for Kindle sales). This new price will make it more affordable for a wider range of readers. Enjoy!
Late news: Some of you may have noticed that my latest book has gone straight to eBook and Kindle. Although I love the traditional books, the world of publishing is changing. I may publish my new romance, Bears in the Hibiscus, as a paperback later on. I'll let you know! Janelle